What is Highroll Poker Tracker?

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Highroll Poker Tracker records and organizes results data from broadcasted cash games from most of the major poker broadcasts. We're always looking for new data to include in our site, so our database will continously be evolving.

Highroll Poker does not track Sit-N-Goes (SNGs) or Tournaments. Our database only tracks televised and livestreamed cash games.

The following locations and subseries are tracked:

  1. Bally Live Poker
  2. Full Tilt Poker Vintage Broadcasts
    1. Aussie Millions Cash Games
    2. Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash Games
  3. High Stakes Poker
    1. Vintage Series (Seasons 2006-2011)
    2. Revamp Series (Seasons 2021-Current)
  4. Hustler Casino Live
    1. Max Pain Monday
    2. The Ante Game
    3. Thirsty Thursdays
    4. High Stakes Friday
    5. Mini-Series (PLO Week, Million Dollar Week, etc.)
  5. Live At The Bike
    1. NOTE: A large number of older LATB episodes were deleted from their YouTube channel before the inception of this website. The data from those episodes are considered unrecoverable at this time. If we are ever able to get access to that information, that data will be uploaded.
    2. The data we currently have is largely the reboot version of LATB prior to the name changes of "Big Bet Poker" into "Bally Live". Bally Live is stored as a separate location, which includes Big Bet Poker as we treat these two as the same. 
  6. No Gamble No Future
  7. PartyPoker Live
    1. The Big Game
  8. Poker After Dark
    1. Vintage Series (Seasons 1-7)
    2. Revamp Series (Seasons 8-Current)
  9. Poker At The Lodge
  10. Poker Night In America
    1. Poker Night In America Regular Series
    2. Studio52
  11. PokerGO Extras
    1. Cash Of The Titans
    2. Friday Night Poker
    3. Dolly's Game
  12. PokerStars Live
    1. PokerStars Champion Cash Challenge
    2. The Big Game
  13. Super High Roller Cash Games
  14. TCH Live 
    1. (Work In Progress)
  15. Triton Poker
  16. WPT Cash Games
  17. King's Resort Live 
    1. (Work In Progress)
  18. Champion's Poker Live
If you believe we missed something, please feel free to reach out to us! We listen closely to our users and are more than willing to make edits/additions to our current database

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