I'm a player and I would like to request a revision to my profile information or profile picture.

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We're always open to requested changes by those who have profiles on our site! This may include information changes as well as requests to replace profile pictures.

The following is a list of items you may choose to change on your profile:

  1. Profile picture change
    1. For any picture you send to us, you must also clearly show that you are the intellectual property owner of the image (i.e, you took the image yourself or have direct permission from the photographer). Otherwise, we will not be able to use the image.
  2. Full Name
  3. Social Media Links
    1. Twitter (X), Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
  4. Nickname
  5. Birth Date
  6. City, State, Country
  7. Profession
  8. Any additional information we can use to create a brief biography about yourself.

Please feel free to DM or email us at any of the following:

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